Sep 9, 2010

Ammo Spam?

I got an email today from an ammo sales company I'd never heard of, suggesting I link to them because they have ammo in stock and have a coupon code that all my readers can use.

Snarky got the same email, it appears. And a quick google reveals that Patrick over at WAFTT got it too.

Short answer, in public:
Mr. Otterbacher: My blog is not a commercial site. Somewhere, far in the future, I MAY consider accepting paid adverts, but probably not. I will NEVER provide free advertising to a company that I have no experience with.

As it says in my sidebar, anything I review here is something I have direct experience with, without receiving compensation.

I'd hope that most of my fellow bloggers would feel the same way.

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Alan said...

I have the same policy.