Jul 29, 2009

In Preparation

I have been invited to the 2009 Northeast Bloggershoot. I managed to finagle the time off work to actually attend, and MrsZ decided to stay home to study.

I'll be driving up Saturday morning after doing the last-minute truck loading (guns will be the last thing loaded, for obvious reasons), and have been offered bed space from none other than The Munchkin Wrangler. Hopefully I'll arrive at their place at a reasonable time; construction in New Yawk is anyone's guess.

Sunday morning, we'll likely be carpooling together with another shooter (Libertyman?) and heading down to the range, with what I expect will be enough firepower for a small infantry (platoon) action.

Actually AT the range will be enough boom to arm a small village... including, I am told, some full auto and possibly some silenced items. Goodies like these are *illegal* in my home state of New Yawk... the only NFA items I could possibly buy are those classified as "Any Other Weapons" - which includes, notably, the Serbu Super Shorty. High on my list of WANT - with the 870 receiver, as I am a diehard BigGreen Shotgun guy. Yes, it's an expensive toy. However, I digress.

I've been eyeing the safe contents and debating which arms to pack and bring along, as well as seeing what the other folks are bringing. I've narrowed my selections down to five long guns and five handguns, and probably a whole bunch of ammo. I may have to stop by the local big-box sports store for an extra gun case - down to one soft case and one hard case, and that's not enough.

I'm excited. VERY.

Also need to remember the camera and the video camera... there's going to be a lot of photo-worthy stuff on this trip!


Weer'd Beard said...

Can't wait to finally meet you in the flesh!

Lots of shooty goodness will be had!


doubletrouble said...

Glad you made the trip- it was good to meet you.
See ya next year I hope...

ZerCool said...

DT, my friend, it wouldn't have been possible without you. I'm certainly hoping I can make the next one, and drag MrsZ along with me.