Nov 17, 2009

For sale...

A few acquisitions that I'd let go for the right price.

Mossberg 500 "combo" 12ga. Wood and blue. Includes 2 barrels: 28" ported with three chokes (IC, M, F, I believe) and 18.5" cylinder bore. Also has flashlight mount and pistol grip (not currently attached). New, never fired, with manuals and lock, no box. Won it in a raffle and strongly prefer my 870. $325 to your FFL (from an individual) or $300 FTF.

Winchester Model 94 .30-30. Wood (walnut?) and blue. Serial dates it to the early 1970s. Very good to excellent condition with some honest wear. Receiver bluing has some freckling but no rust. Includes three boxes of ammo. Currently zeroed for 100yd. This is my second try on leverguns, and I've found I just don't like them that much. $475 to your FFL (from an individual) or $450 FTF.

Smith & Wesson 28-2 Highway Patrolman, 4", nickel refinish (very nicely done). Serial #N7xxx There are a couple flea bites in the nickel and one spot on the cylinder that flaked off (about the size of a pencil eraser). Action has been worked, nicest DA trigger I've ever shot. Target grips, not numbered to the gun. One nick on the left grip where it knocked against my 1911 in the safe. Some corrosion to the nickel in the outline of original magnas, completely covered by target grips. $600 to your FFL (from my FFL) or $550 FTF, trade for another .357/.38 (see below) STRONGLY preferred.

Trade interests:
S&W Centennials
S&W J-magnums
S&W .22 revolvers
Glock Model 36
varmint rifles
Ban-compliant AR Carbine upper (5.56)
Ban-compliant AR A3 upper (various calibers)
Open to suggestion...

Reasonable offers may be entertained, as well.





SpeakerTweaker said...

JayG sent me. Wish I had more cash. I'd take the lot! That's a nice Smith...

Any interest in letting the 18.5" barrel go solo?


ZerCool said...

Tweaker: I'd consider letting the barrel go separately if someone else expressed interest in the gun with only the 28" barrel...