Jan 11, 2010

Range visit!

MrsZ made a request about two weeks ago for a range visit sometime soon. I went to the local range on meeting morning and signed up. A one-year family membership is $60. This gives me a 250yd rifle range, and a 50-foot indoor pistol range... and a key to use them when I want to. Obviously, the outdoor range is a daylight-hours proposition, but indoors is a "when you want" deal.

We made a trip down there with a few pistols and put things through their paces.

Merrily blasting away from about 7 yards (the range isn't marked, so we picked a "this looks good" distance) and having the place to ourselves, we ran through several magazines each from the 22/45, a couple cylinders apiece in the 28-2, a magazine each from the 1911, and she was game to try a cylinder from the new 642, while I put about a half-box through it.

I was shooting for quick hits more than super accuracy - as soon as I had a reasonable sight picture, I was squeezing through the trigger. As a result, my 7-yard groups were generally 6-8". I'm ok with that because it means quick center-mass hits and quick followups.

The group from the 22/45, however, was one rather large ragged hole with a few fliers. That was just a joy to shoot in a better environment than cornfield - no wind flapping targets around brings the group size down in a hurry. A couple magazines from the weak hand were a wider pattern but still where I wanted them.

And then I looked at MrsZ's target. Her grip wasn't perfect on any of the guns - she has small hands. The 642 kicked more than she wanted. She staged the double-action triggers something wicked.


And she tore the freakin' center out of that target with everything she used.

Seriously - one big ragged hole about 5" across, a few fliers (probably from the 642, it is a SNAPPY gun), but ... tore it up.

She may not be a gunny, but damned if she ain't a shooter!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the 22/45. Great little pistols...