Aug 26, 2010

East Coast Blog Trip?

I've been toying with the idea of organizing some kind of non-shooty east-coast (but y'all's welcome!) blogger bash. A couple days to a week, family-friendly, etc.

Two variations have come immediately to mind:
- a beach house for a week (splitting the rental cost umpteen ways would make it VERY affordable)
- a camping trip at a state park or similar (in other words, with facilities and not primitive)

This wouldn't be happening 'til next year at earliest, but mostly I'm looking for a feel on whether there'd be interest or not, and if so, in which.

So ... comment! Let me know! Or should I just shut the hell up and let GBR, NRA BlogBash, Blogorado, and NEBlogshoot suffice?


Wally said...

Awful quiet here - Tag?

ZerCool said...

Well, there's one answer anyways!

I know Cybrus from GBC had expressed some interest in channel, but haven't heard from anyone else yet - but then again, everyone is getting vacationed-out at this point, I expect.

Anonymous said...

As you said, I'd definitely be interested. I'm always up for a good camping trip!