Nov 13, 2010

Opting Out

Opting out of the TSA Peep Show is the big buzz as of a few days ago - and rightfully so.

But what happens if you insist you want a screener of the opposite gender?

Food for thought...

Also worth considering: While the government monkey is down there, putting his hands on your junk, try one of the following:
- squeeze out a big wet fart; the louder and smellier the better
- moan a few times; when he stops tell him you needed another thirty seconds
- stroke his hair or tickle his ear (I'd suggest you plan on taking a later flight if you try this)
- ask him to go on a date when you come back into town


Anonymous said...

I've already opted out of the naked-scope and will continue to do so, for privacy and health reasons. This summer, the pat-down alternative was pretty straightforward and handled professionally. But I will not tolerate a pat-down that crosses the line to sexual assault. If assaulted, I will defend myself accordingly. (And, yes, I imagine that could result in my taking a later flight, too.)

I like the idea of saying "I want her!"

Mike W. said...

I like the idea of asking her name at the start, then screaming "Oh god Jill, Yes! Right there! That's it!"

Or something like that.

Make em just as goddamn uncomfortable as they're making us.

Wilson said...

Those are some good suggestions but unfortunately the average TSA thug probably doesn’t have any since of humor. Missing your flight might be the least of your problems. But this problem is not going away until people start standing up to them.