Feb 10, 2011

Going home, in a manner of speaking

I've been chatting back and forth with the gentleman who is acquiring my 28-2 as we sort out the details of the transaction.

He mentioned as an aside that he'd be carrying it as his off-duty piece in the midwest city where he is an officer.

This pleases me in a way that I find very hard to express. I am, without question, sad to see such a fine pistol going down the road. They do not make them like they used to. On the flip side, 28-2s are not entirely uncommon, and prices haven't skyrocketed out of sight yet - so I will likely be able to obtain another one someday.

According to the Wikipedia entry:

Since this relatively deluxe model [(the Model 27)] was the only revolver available for this cartridge at the time, police departments, as well as individual officers and private shooters, requested from Smith and Wesson a more strictly utilitarian "budget" .357 magnum revolver. S&W responded with the Highway Patrolman[.]

It makes me very happy to know that this piece of history is going back to serve the purpose for which it was originally designed and intended. LW, carry it in good health, and may you never need to draw in anger.


Old NFO said...

That's good news, a good guy gets it :-)

George in AZ said...

Good to hear, for both of you! I wish I could have joined the bidding, but alas, funds are lacking. Model 28s are lustworthy, a friend's wife refused to sell hers when I had funds!