Aug 12, 2011

London Calling...

... for help.

Tam brings the enriched snark:

An article I read this morning (headlined "Britain's Cameron gets tough with rioters") says that "'nothing is off the table' — including water cannons, commonly used in Northern Ireland but never deployed in mainland Britain, and rubber bullets."

That's "nothing off the table"? Nothing?
Well, yes, when it looks like this:

This is "nothing off the table":

An M-16 A2 with 20 rounds of 55gr ball. (Image via Wikipedia.)

This is nothing off the table. (To Google search results.)

Water cannons and rubber bullets? When you're done with that, how about a real hard spanking and bed with no supper - that will show those nasty kids!

1 comment:

Bubblehead Les. said...

And No Allowance for 2 weeks! That'll teach them!