Sep 21, 2011


I am not making light of missing children - some things shouldn't be joked about - but ... 8 children with the same name are abducted by their mother during a (apparently poorly) supervised visitation?

No, I'm not making it up.

The NYPD is searching for a mother accused of abducting her eight children, all with the same first name.
The mother, identified as 28-year-old Shanel Nadal, is accused of removing the children from Forestdale Child Agency in Queens. Nadal allegedly took the children, all named Nephra Payne, without permission Monday night.

Seriously. Speechless.


Bob said...

When you have a sub-100 IQ (and most African-Americans do) it helps to not have to tax the already-maxed brain with extraneous details like individual names for all the li'l chirrens.

And yet she's allowed to vote, and her vote counts just as much as mine does. Go figure.

bluesun said...

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss story. Were they all named "Dave"?

ZerCool said...

Bob - I can't understand the sentiment behind your post, but I think I get the point. You're alluding to disenfranchisement based on race? Seriously? How about a 3/5s compromise??

I don't agree (obviously), this isn't a debate, and any further comments in that vein WILL go down the memory hole.

Bob said...

@ZerCool: many people, among them Mark Twain and Robert A. Heinlein, have mused about the fairness of universal suffrage as practiced in the US. Heinlein thought that perhaps a voter should be required to solve a quadratic equation inside the voting booth before his vote would register, with either embarrassment (a red light, buzzer, and expulsion from the booth) or even death (improving the breed, he called it) the penalty for failing to do so. Here is something else he says:

I think I know what offends most of my critics the most about Starship Troopers: It is the dismaying idea that a voice in governing the state should be earned instead of being handed to anyone who is 18 years old and has a body temperature near 37°C. (Robert A. Heinlein, Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry?)

The 3/5 compromise in the Constitution had nothing to do with suffrage - - which wasn't universal at the time the Constitution was adopted, anyway - - but with Congressional apportionment in Census years.

Presumably what offends you is my mentioning IQ and race. That disparities exist is not disputed, although the underlying reasons for those disparities are. Presumably I should not have attributed Ms. Nadal's naming her 8 children by the same name to low intellect, instead putting it down to neighborhood fashion or cupidity. I'll refrain from making similar comments in future.

Anonymous said...

George Foreman seems to have a similar process for naming his sons, but he has an excuse, given the receipt of repeated blows to the head.

Christina LMT said...

Narcissistic much? It seems that the children are all named for their biological father, and they have different middle names. I'd guess that they're called by the middle names and what's on their respective birth certificates mere vanity on the dad's part.