Feb 8, 2012

SiteMeter says....

I'm up in the 36,000 visit range since I installed the meter. Eh, whatever. Like many of us, I do this for me.

I check SiteMeter once in a while to see how people are finding me. A LOT of readers are coming in to my bathroom remodel looking for floor tile patterns. Poor suckers. (BTW - it's been a year, and the bathroom still looks good!)

However, one person caught my eye lately. Their location is listed as Hamilton, Montana, (running Firefox on MacOS X) and it looks like s/he has been reading back through ALL my entries. I'm flattered, and curious... anonymous reader, what brought you here? What keeps you reading? If you don't want to comment, feel free to drop me an email at gmail.

Hell, for the rest of you too - what keeps you reading? Is there something (or multiple things) you'd like to read more of?


Ruth said...

Well, that reader wasn't me, but thats what I do when I find a new blog: if the first few posts are interesting then I start working my way backwards, usually quite a ways backwards.

Old NFO said...

I like your twisted approach to things :-)