May 14, 2012

AR time

In addition to the custom rifle I'm putting together for MrsZ, I'm finishing off an AR lower I've had sitting in the safe for years. Just called LegalTransfers and ordered a pair of Stag 3H uppers. It's a plain-jane 16" carbine setup, nothing special, but a good utilitarian rifle. Pete (the owner) quoted me 2-3 weeks lead time. Excellent!


Wally said...

Darn, I wont be able to get yours to you in 3 weeks. *sigh* but that's the difference with off the rack versus custom :)

Parts are getting tough to find, it is certainly an issue.

ZerCool said...

No worries, Wally - I have to do a boatload of assembly and DuraCoat on hers anyways.