Mar 6, 2013

Thanks, all

Several of you reached out promptly after my last post. I have my lodgings arranged for the trip each direction.

I'm exploring two separate opportunities in MO at the moment, and will be out for testing with one. I decided to reach out to the other to see if I could make a stop in for a quick introduction. Lucky me - I am able to.

I'm trying very hard to not get my hopes up too much, but either of these jobs would be... really good. I'll take whatever thoughts, prayers, candles, chants, incense, chicken guts, or tea leaves you've got.


Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers for success and safe travels.

Brigid said...

Glad we could organize something.

You've got my number, call when you get in, I'm not sure if I'm around but would love to say hello.