May 19, 2013

Stubby P-Mags... because.

I went to the ArfCom Going-away party last night, at their new, never-really-opened retail store. You see, they're just as screwed by the new laws as the rest of us, and they're on the way to Texas.

It was a HELL of a good time. Thirty or forty people, good brews, a roasted pig, lots of good talk about a wide variety of topics, bonfire, camping... Much-needed relaxation.

I got a good look around the store, and picked up a few things... a Maxpedition bag I'd already ordered, a few t-shirts, an ArfCom-engraved Zippo, a few Maxpedition accessories, and ... can it be...

Oh yes, it can be.

A pair of ten-round PMAGs. I have a small stack of pre-94 aluminum mags in a safe place, and another small stack of new 30-round PMAGS waiting in Colorado ... but the truth is, I actually LIKE shooting with a ten-round mag when I go to the range. If you want to get prone, these are great. And when I have some free funds and I'm in MO, I'll add a few 20-rounders as well. Because I can, and because screw you, NY.


Old NFO said...

Neat, heard of them, but those are the first I've actually seen!

Wally said...

Good score, I have had a lot of folks asking for those stubbies :)

Wilson said...

I prefer them for range work too.