Jun 8, 2013

Movie Goofs

I can forgive a lot of movie errors in gun stuff. Bottomless magazines, clips/mags, cocking noise for a GLOCK, etc...

but ... I just watched the first four minutes of "End of Watch". Aside from it seeming to be an LAPD version of "Jarhead", the main character is doing a home-video type thing of getting ready in the precinct locker room.

Including holding up his, "department issue side arm, the GLOCK 19 9mm":

Click to embiggenate... but it says "GLOCK 22 .40" on the slide.

That really makes me grind my teeth tonight, for no apparent reason.


Old NFO said...

LOL, that's called a continuity failure... e.g. the prop folks blew it!!!

Glenn B said...

Or it could be an undercover pistol playing the part of a Glock 22 when it is in reality a Glock 19. Now that is some heck of a bunch of Car 54 stuff for you right there.