Mar 19, 2014

Brown truck of- GORRAMMIT

Brown truck brought the remainder of the kit I needed for a base antenna AND to finish my portable box.

I stuck the antenna together, climbed up to the roof, and put the antenna on the mas- ... wait, what?

Much expletives ensued.

Arrow Antennas apparently have a 1.5" max clamping diameter.

DISH masts are 1.675" outer diameter.

I climbed back down with the antenna in hand, and I'll be stopping at the Orange store tomorrow to accumulate the pieces I need... a 1.25x1 reducer, a 3-foot piece of 1" galv, some zip ties, etc.

Tomorrow afternoon, back to the roof to attempt assembly again, and hopefully get my ham desk set up a bit more permanently. Look for pictures in the near future.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Ouch... At least it's 'fixable'... sigh