Aug 20, 2014

Now is the time...

It seems like the insanity of last year has finally calmed down. If you don't have an AR-pattern rifle and want one, now is the time.

You can buy a major-brand rifle for $800 (Colt, S&W) at friggin' Walmart.

Decent brass-cased ammo is running back in the $330-350/case range. Steel-cased is under $250/1000.

If you have an hour and a couple tools, you can build a complete entry-level rifle for $500:

PSA is running a "blemished" lower sale for $70. A lower parts kit is $50. M4 stock kit is $40. A middy stainless upper is $200, a bolt group is $100, and a charging handle is $20. Bam. $480.

Add either an inexpensive fixed-rear iron sight or a budget optic of preference and you're still under $600.

$250 will buy you a thousand rounds of blasting ammo.

$100 will buy you ten 30-round magazines.

Under a thousand dollars for a complete AR setup. Top of the line? Nope. Reliable? Should be. If you don't want to build it, or want the comfort of a warranty, it's real tough to beat this Colt 6720 price. Ditto the above, spend a couple hundred on a case of ammo and another hundred on a handful of magazines. Add an optic if you like, but you don't have to.


Glenn B said...

Now if only we could get the SAFE Act repealed in NY, I would pick up a kit for my AR lower.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Agree! Saw three ARs on the Used Gun Rack at my local Gun Shop going for about $600. And Magazines are almost throwaways now also. Buy now!

ZerCool said...

Glenn: It's not ideal, but a side-charging upper with a non-gassed barrel would be a legal workaround. I wouldn't hold my breath on unSAFE being repealed, though.

Les: I suspect a lot of panic-buy rifles went on the consignment rack when credit card bills showed up. Hell, a S&W M&P15 "Sport" is $650 shipped from Bud's.