Sep 12, 2014

Put on the stupid hat...

From the land of flakes and nuts, a court has fined Lowe's $1.6 Million for false advertising.

The reason?

A piece of lumber advertised as a "2x4" is ... not. It's actually 1.5x3.5". And that's apparently misleading, because, "[M]isinformation could adversely affect building projects that more often than not rely on precise measurements."

I have never met a contractor (or most weekend warriors) that doesn't know a 2x4 is the nominal dimension of the lumber. And the few people who didn't know that (when I was stacking boards for some pocket money) learned why. (Shrinkage and mill finishing from the actual two-inch-by-four-inch green rough cut.)

So now apparently Lowe's in CA has to start re-labeling their lumber, with both nominal and actual dimensions... and the state has added $1.6 million in fines to its coffers.


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