Oct 4, 2014

Brief range notes

MODOC range was packed today. No shock - beautiful weather and deer season is around the corner. I wanted some zen time with the .22, but it wasn't happening. Guys in the lane next to me had a new AR with a shorty barrel and 4-inch permanent "muzzle brake" loudener. Painfully so.

They spent three mags just trying to get on paper at 50yd and then 25yd before one of the ROs took them over to the pistol range for even shorter-distance work.

Ammo notes at 50yd:
Federal bulk puts in a 2" group.
Winchester Super-X will do 1.5".
CCI Tactical shot real nice, one large ragged hole and a few fliers after thirty-ish shots.

Some of those fliers are undoubtedly due to the target frame swaying a couple inches left and right in the breeze.

My beloved Savage .22 needs some serious TLC. I can't remember the last time it was detail-stripped and scrubbed, and it's showing - the bolt is sluggish to close, I had half-a-dozen light strikes across the various types of ammo, and the trigger is feeling "not right". I suspect I didn't see this during summer because whatever wax and carbon has accumulated in the action was warm enough to not be sticky. Now that it's cooler out? Bad juju.

I'll see about tearing it down in the next couple days.

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Old NFO said...

Well, look on the bright side, you GOT to the range! :-)