Mar 8, 2019

... Greatly exaggerated.

I had to knock the dust off this thing eventually.

Looking at my post list, the last thing I published here was 5/21/16.

One week after that, my wife walked out. She's long gone, the judge signed what needed signing, and that's all I'll say about that.

I didn't have anything I wanted to share publicly for a while... but now I'm back. Might still be sparse, but when I have some brain droppings for the world, here they'll land.

I've rediscovered my love of photography, and have started printing black and white film at home. I'm still doing lots of digital, because it's inexpensive - but it doesn't match the alchemy of a dim red room and trays of magic.

I've started back to school, a class or two per semester because that's what my time and budget allow. I should have something to hang on the wall by spring next year.

I've not done much with guns lately, because I haven't had time - or much desire to visit the local public ranges, where RSOs are constantly screeching "ONE SHOT EVERY FIVE SECONDS!" I need to explore some other option. Most of my annual shooting happens in October out west, and that's not enough to keep the rust off.

Right now ... life is in a pretty damn good place. Sure, there are stressors, ups and downs, but I've got a decent job, a wonderful lady, enough money for a few luxuries, and a pretty solid plan for the next year or two.

Stay tuned.