Jun 11, 2009

Clutter reduction sale bleg

MrsZ and I are moving in about a month (bought a house). I'm trying to both increase fundage and decrease clutterage.

Two items that I desperately need to get rid of, and would love to see to a good home:

Sony PSP:

Adult owned, well taken care of. Includes AC charger, battery, 1GB memory stick, hard case with sleeves for 4 games, Sony headphones with remote (never used), and instruction manual.

Nine games as follows:

-- Archer McLean's Mercury - puzzle game similar to the old tabletop labyrinths.
-- Burnout Legends - smash 'em up driving game.
-- CapCom Classics Collection - collection of classic arcade games.
-- Field Commander - strategy combat game.
-- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - part of the GTA series.
-- Lumines - puzzle game similar to Tetris.
-- MediEvil Resurrection - sidescrolling arcade game.
-- Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - continuation of the classic series.
-- Sega Genesis Collection - collection of Sega classics, including the Sonic games and several more.

All games are in their original case with instruction manuals.

Only game questionable for kids is the Grand Theft Auto - all others should be fine - but I'm not your kids' parent! :-)

For my fellow bloggers, $150 shipped in the US.

Canon 35mm camera kit:

Professionally and gently used Canon Elan 7e (eye-controlled focus selection), with vertical battery grip, 28-90mm lens, camera bag, several rolls of Fuji 35mm color film, and a set of spare batteries. Shutter count is ~3,000.

Excellent condition, well-maintained, never abused. Great camera for a photography class or someone looking for a backup film camera.

Also $150 shipped in the US.

(I'm asking $150 on the local Craigslist as well. If you know someone who'd be interested, please have them comment here. Reasonable offers considered, as well as interesting firearms trades.)

One more item that I really do NOT want to get rid of, but finances dictate that I must...
Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, stainless/synthetic, one five-round factory mag, two ten-round stainless aftermarkets, two pre-ban 20-round blued mag. Includes the Ruger scope rings. Approximately 1,900 rounds of .223 ammo, mostly Wolf 55gr FMJ (black box), some Barnaul, some Brown Bear.

Gently used and always cared for. No mag dumps, ever. I've owned it since new, about three-ish years now.

$1100 FTF to NY residents with ID - will drive a reasonable distance to meet - or shipped to your FFL for $1150.