Jun 8, 2009

IDPA results

I try to shoot the monthly IDPA match at the local club. Last year I was somewhat irregular because of wedding planning. This year I've been a couple times and missed one due to forgetfulness.

I was reading back in my old blog and found my results from the first match I shot - one year ago. Shall we do a comparison?

June 2008:
Brian C
Catgeory: UNC[lassified]
Stage 1: 61.94s
Stage 2: 75.70s
Stage 3: 53.50s
Stage 4: 61.74s
Stage 5: 54.54s
Pts Drop: 77
Total: 307.42s

June 2009:
Brian C
Category: UNC
Stage 1: 27.47s
Stage 2: 33.14s
Stage 3: 44.09s
Stage 4: 26.07s
Stage 5: 20.55s
Pts Drop: 43
Total: 151.32s

The top two shooters in my class (Custom Defensive Pistol, mostly 1911s) had times under 100s. Obviously, I'm not exactly competitive with them yet... but I have a hell of a lot of fun, and my shooting is improving markedly. Switching from my Galco "Fletch" retention holster to a simple Yaqui slide shaved a second or two off each stage.

Beyond that, I really have no easy explanation. I've adjusted my grip a little (when I remember to), put a dab of white paint on my front sight blade... I'm still shooting my Springfield 1911A1 "GI". Low dark sights, loosey-goosey construction - it's no match gun, never will be, and was never designed as such. I can generally ping 8" steels at 15-20yd with one or two shots, and keep CoM out to 25yd without trouble. Headshots ... well, not so much my strong point with this gun.

A couple months ago we did a bit of show'n'tell after the match and I got to try a couple other folks' pistols. A match 1911 (IDPA, not IPSC racegun), which was slick and accurate. And then the S&W M&P9L (long slide). Had a worked-over trigger and a new front sight "BigDot". Holy crap. Dumped the mag into headshots at 15yd without even thinking about it. Yeah, smaller cartridge with less recoil, but still, HELL of a nice gun.

One of the guys was selling its twin this past weekend for a VERY good price. If I hadn't just dropped my wad on the 647, I'd have jumped on the M&P. Just a VERY nice pistol.

Next match is the first Saturday of July ... the 4th. If anyone is local and interested, feel free to join me. Good friendly club match.

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