May 13, 2010

Ammo "deal"

When I first started buying ammo in case lots, this would've been most of the way to a case of good brass (reloadable) ammo... or a high price for what it is. However, now, it's about the best you'll find:

Cabela's has a sale on Tula Arsenal (Russian made) .223 and 7.62x39 steel case ammo. $3.99/box of 20, or $199.50/1000. Add coupon code "5FLATMAY" at checkout for $5 shipping on orders over $150.

Also worth noting is the same ammo available in bulk packs with two of Cabela's "dry box" storage boxes for $15 more per 1000.

Tula is roughly equivalent to Wolf in quality (same factory). It goes bang, but it's dirty and may stick in tight chambers. If you're feeding an AK- or SKS-pattern rifle, this stuff is fine. An AR is anyone's guess and usually rifle-specific. My DCM A2 setup doesn't like steel-cased ammo, but I'm hoping that when I've finished an M4gery it'll have a loose enough tolerance to do well. I've seen several ARs that eat this stuff just fine. Mini-14s and Mini-30s tend to be loose enough to handle this stuff just fine as well.

Failing that, $4/box makes it perfectly good trade fodder or ammo-of-last-resort.

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