May 7, 2010

Digital Interruptions

Communist News Network had a short entry up today: Texting during sex? Some say it's OK

One in ten people under 25 wouldn't mind being interrupted by a text during sex. It's about one in twenty for those over 25.

Maybe I'm a curmudgeon, but I find text messages to be an incredibly convenient and occasionally very obnoxious method of communication. I do text - a lot. I've got this fancy-ass smart phone that lets me text, IM, email, etc etc etc, and it's great. But texting, like everything, has a time and place.

Somewhere along the way, we need to teach our kids etiquette about these things. The classroom, the dinner table ... not acceptable. When they're older - the bedroom? Are you kidding me?

The bedroom is for TWO things: sleeping and sexing. MrsZ and I don't have a TV in the bedroom, we don't have "serious" talks in bed, and there's almost no cell coverage in there so texting is out of the question... and you know what? That's the way it should be. Bedrooms are sanctuary. A quiet place.

I find MrsZ receiving and answering text messages during a face-to-face conversation mildly annoying. Either talk to me or talk to them. If she (or, in my pre-married days, any other woman) thinks a text message is so important as to interrupt intimacy... time to pull the eject handle, baby. I'll be downstairs playing video games.

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Jay G said...

I have no problem with texting during sex.

It would mean I'm gettin' some...