Jun 27, 2010

Blogshoot 2010

It's fast approaching, kids!

I started knocking out some more ammo for the event, and pruning the list of what to bring. I won't be repeating last year's "move in via Marko's van" approach... I spent more time running back and forth from the line to the gun cases than actually shooting or chatting, and that's silly!

So, without revealing what-all I'm going to bring, if you want to shoot my hardware, I'll have some ammo, but bringing a bit extra might be a good idea. Calibers to bring:


I'm starting to get excited!

(Jay: will there be after-shoot malt-beveraging?)

Side note: I have some extra .380 ammo occupying space that I wouldn't object to parting with, as well as a gun cabinet (Sentry sheet metal 10-gun dealie) ... if anyone is interested in either, drop me a note, and delivery to the shoot could be arranged.

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Jay G said...

Re: After-shoot malt beverage. I think we might be able to arrange something; my only caveat is that if you are imbibing, all your guns are to be put away and no more touchie-touchie.

We of course need to clear everything with our most gracious host; if we ply him with enough quality beer we might be able to bring out the "redneck riviera"...