Jun 28, 2010

Gun maintenance

Now that most of the hardware is in the big safe and easy to get to, maintenance becomes a bit less of a challenge. There had been a few things on my to-do list that I finally got done.

Last time I was at the range with the AR and the 1911, they were both having issues. The AR was refusing to strip rounds from the magazine, and the 1911 was stopping the slide about 1/8" out of battery.

I started with the AR, and scrubbed/oiled the bolt assembly very thoroughly. It now seems to feed just fine and I need to take it to the range to run a mag or two through for function.

Once that was back together, I field-stripped the 1911 and scrubbed all the waxy buildup off the feed ramp, frame rails, and the inside of the slide as best I could, then oiled and reassembled. It's running a lot smoother, but doesn't feel 100% yet. I need to run a few mags of ball ammo through it rapid-fire and then strip it and wipe it out while it's warm... and buy better cast bullets next time around. (These are either over-lubed or the wax melts at too low a temperature - the insides of the gun just get coated with gunk.)

Most of my S&W's are still pretty clean; I left them alone for the day but need to detail-clean the 242 soon. Last time I dry-fired it there was a bit of oil seeping out of the sideplate, and there are some sticky bits of old oil under the stocks. A good hosing-out with GunScrubber should do the job nicely.

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