Sep 10, 2010

Acquisition, disposition

I finally put my C&R license to use. I've been sitting on it for better than six months, and keeping half an eye on classifieds and sales from the usual sources. I didn't want my first purchase as an FFL(03) to be something generic - a Mosin-Nagant or an SKS. It had to be something with style. Additionally, all those pretty 03-eligible handguns? No go in New York. They have to go through an FFL(01).

Last week, a fellow posted an Ithaca Model 37 on the S&W Forum classifieds. Good condition, great price. I sent him a message and snagged it immediately, beating another poster by a whopping two minutes. :-D The serial is 667xxx, dating it to 1957, and comfortably inside the window for a C&R (all guns are automatically considered eligible fifty years from the date of manufacture).

It arrived yesterday afternoon, and was even more than I'd hoped for. The trigger is VERY heavy, but I can run it down to Diamond Gunsmithing for some attention to that. The finish isn't perfect, but it's by no means in bad shape. Looks like once upon a time it may have gotten sprinkled on and not dried off promptly - just a bit of off-color freckling on the receiver. The front bead has been replaced with a fiber optic dot; that will be one of the first things I expect I'll have changed. Either a gold or ivory bead is much more period-appropriate, and pleasing to my own sense of propriety.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting this out on the trap range, and quite possibly out for some upland and small game.


That's the acquisition. Now for the disposition.

I've decided to move along my S&W 242Ti. Yes, I just got it a couple months ago. It's a fine gun, but it's not the right one for me. I've shot it a fair bit, and have found that some combination of the grips and my hand isn't "right". I feel like I'm struggling to get a sight picture, and that's not appropriate for a CCW. So, down the road it goes.

Seven-shot AirLite/Titanium L-frame hammerless, .38+P rated, with a Lobo Gun Leather IWB holster (1.25" and 1.5" loops), 7-shot dump pouch, and Master trigger lock.

It's been carried (by me and others before) and has a bit of character. There is a small ding on the bottom edge of the barrel shroud, picture below. The recoil shield has a wear line from the lock stud, as usual for alloy-frame guns. The finish is a little shiny on a few high points.

Extractor is straight and true. Cylinder is intact. No flame cutting that I can find. Forcing cone is intact, as is the frame. Screws are un-buggered. I had the sideplate off once for a more thorough cleaning immediately after purchase, internals all look good.

$800 shipped/insured FFL-FFL, three-day non-firing inspection, otherwise as-is.

Trades +/- cash will be considered; of particular interest are flat-top AR carbine uppers, mid-grade 1911s, S&W/Ruger/Colt revolvers, or anything from Ithaca Gun.

Please email me with questions/offers, zercool at gmail.






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doubletrouble said...

Is that the one Jay was all over?

ZerCool said...

DT, it is.

Anonymous said...

What kind of upper are you interested in?

ZerCool said...

TCH: Much as I hate to admit it (I'm not tactical!), I'm looking for a 16" flat-top with a quad-rail handguard, preferably free float. Standard or light barrel contour. Low-profile gas block. Chrome bore/chamber/bolt. Ideally with a target-crown barrel and not a brake. Reputable manufacturer - DPMS, Bushy, RRA, etc are good.

The kicker, unfortunately, is that I live in NY, so anything I order has to be post-ban config.

Anonymous said...


Let me see if I can catch up with you on the chat channel, I have a 16" light weight flat top wearing a YHM light weight free float quad rail handguard that I'm not doing anything with.

It's wearing an A2 flash hider unfortunatly, that's a correctable problem believe it or not:)

Ambulance Driver said...

Nice shotgun.

I had an Ithaca 37 featherlight in 20 gauge. Shooting that gun with 3 inch magnum loads was brutal.

ZerCool said...

AD, fortunately this one is only 2-3/4" and won't see magnum anything, and probably not even high-velocity steel. 5s and 6s for small game or upland birds, 8s for trap, and that's IT. :)