Sep 14, 2010

Ammo Spam, Part II

I mentioned a couple days ago that I'd gotten what appeared to be spam from a "new" ammo company requesting free advertising.

I put it up here then: I'm for sale, but I ain't free.

They sent me another email today, "following up" and they'd "really appreciate" a link, and btw, here's a coupon code for your readers.

I hadn't identified the company before, but now I will. I'm not hot-linking them because they are spamming me and numerous other gunbloggers. I googled the name on the email, one Steven Otterbacher, and found mentions of him and the ammo company across several blogs.

Steven: stop spamming me. The internet is a big place, but the gun blog community isn't. It doesn't take much to put a bad taste in our mouths. Your company will NEVER get free advertising from me, and in fact, I'll do as much as I can to send business elsewhere. Unsolicited commercial emails aren't appreciated. One I could grumble about and ignore. A second one makes me angry, and this is the result.

So, folks, for your ammo needs, here's my suggestions off the top of my head:

The only one up there I have not ordered ammo from is Natchez. All the others have gotten business from me over the past couple years and all have had fair prices and prompt service and shipping.

And yes, I'm sending a link to this post to Mr. Otterbacher. Anyone who wants to link this, please do. Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. The guy is just trying to make a living.

He has an awesome deal on that Magtech 9mm with the coupon I found at PawPaw's:

Gonna place an order now.

Alan said...

"just trying to make a living" doesn't excuse bad behavior.

I've noticed a spate of companies trying to use giveaways and such to try and get free ads from bloggers.

I'm not falling for it either.

ZerCool said...

DG: As Alan says, that's no excuse for poor behavior. I let it go once without mentioning a company name. A second form letter email blast is just tacky.

I've worked in sales before. Harassing your potential customers is not a great way to close deals, but it's a sure way to garner some poor commentary.

I won't shill for this place any more than I will for a car dealership - I make them remove any plate frames, stickers, or anything else with their dealership name before I'll accept a vehicle. I'm giving you money, not the other way 'round. If you took care of me, THEN I may pass along good words.

Mike W. said...

I got an e-mail and a whiney followup from them. I ignored both.