Sep 27, 2012

Bulk ammo...

Oddball snarks about buying "over 1500 rounds of ammunition!" ... which leads me down the path of, "I need to work on replacing some of the .22 I've used this year."

I've burned several bricks over the last few months and haven't bought any. I'm still comfortably in five-digit quantities of .22, but it isn't getting any cheaper, either. On my last trip to Walmart I noticed that they are now selling plastic "ammo cans" of MiniMag... 1600 rounds for $98. Not a bad price at all, since a tray of 100 is $7.

Might need to invest in one. Or more.

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Geodkyt said...

I've started to get to the point where I have an uncracked can of ammo in each caliber I shoot, and at least 2-3 basic loads of Serious Social Purpose ammo for each firearm that might realistically be considered one of my "ready" guns for serious social purposes. (So, I don't worry about having only ball ammo for the Tokarev, because I'm not likely to ever use it for other that plinking. But I have plenty of 9x18mm Makarov JHP, because I do occaisionally carry my P-64.)

I'm not there yet -- realistically, I have hit my "full can or more" goals for the AR, shotgun, .40 Beretta, and Moisin-Nagant. But I'm working on the other calibers, and aside from the revolvers, I'm good to go on Serious Social ammo.

I've just come to the conclusion that for practice ammo (even if you practice with your carry load), it just doesn't make any sense not to buy it by the case. Stored properly, it isn't going to go stale any time soon.