Sep 30, 2012

How's it look around you?

I noticed over the past few weeks that there are almost NO political signs in yards this year. A definite dearth of bumper stickers, as well. I live outside the bluest of blue small cities, and four years ago there were O signs everywhere. Many of the cars (particularly Subarus and Prii) were adorned with at least one and usually three or more O stickers.

This year? I can't remember seeing ANY signs for O in yards, and one guy on my fifteen-mile drive into town has a big "DEFEND AMERICA: DEFEAT OBAMA" sign in the yard. That's it. ONE sign.

Apparently I am not the only one to notice this (

From the original post in that thread:

Now, the only thing I can figure, is that people feel the division in the air. And it's not just healthy disagreement, it's downright UGLY. [...] I am thinking that people are PETRIFIED (on both sides of the camp) of reprecussions based on their political support.
I agree to a certain extent. I've never been one to advertise my political leanings (besides, "Chewbacca for 26th District!" sounds goofy), but people aren't really talking about it now. I've seen and heard people tapdancing around the issue in various venues, but it's become the elephant in the room.

I'll admit it: I'm actually a little concerned about what the next four months hold.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, it's not just up in your neck of the woods...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Other than some local City Councilman-type stuff, same thing up here in Lake County, Ohio.

agirlandhergun said...

Nothing here. Our neighbors usually have their lawns covered with signs...not a single one this year.

pediem said...

I've seen a fair number of local signs, very few for the state offices, almost none that are identifiably (R) or (D), a few for Romney, and just today, just one for O.

That's very unusual for around here, where yards are usually flooded with signs.

doubletrouble said...

We must be crankier up here.
The Mrs. & I had occasion yesterday to drive 1+ hour NE of here, & saw lots of governor, local, & prez signs.
Oddly,(according to the MSM), most signs were for the Rominator; saw about three for Himself.
Many were BIG signs too- 3x6 or 4x8.
Bitter/clingers, I'm guessing.

Lokidude said...

Out here, there's tons of signs. All for local races. Farthest up you get is a contentious US House race for a new district. Beyond that, its almost all county-level.