Dec 16, 2012


I've been eagerly awaiting the PaleHorse lower that's coming from York Arms. In conversation with Wally on other topics, he mentioned that he'd cut the lower recently, and was pleased with the results... and then sent me a picture.

In deference to his desire to avoid in-progress pictures, I'm not going to post the whole thing... but a small portion should be just fine.

The cuts are still full of mill coolant; hence the white-on-silver appearance.

I'm VERY excited to get this rifle built. :-)


Wally said...

Heh, that is quite the teaser !

I had to check the skull here in the CAM software, it is only 0.224" tall (really, coincidence!)

Cannot wait to get this one into your hands - I do so love getting truly custom lowers out there, and thank you most kindly for all your help and support!

Old NFO said...

Yeah, tease... :-D