Dec 4, 2012

still fishing...

Working on finishing up a few guns - need some new glass, new bipod, a few AR parts, so the ones mentioned before are still available, and I'm adding my Contender pistol to the mix. It's a Gen-1, blued frame, Pachmayr grips, and a "Super 14" in .30-30Win, with a Tasco 2x pistol scope. The scope's nothing to write home about, but it works and holds zero just fine. The frame has a small scuff on the left side where the fore end rubbed it, but is otherwise clean. Barrel is immaculate. Looking for $500 shipped, offers considered. (Values are ALL over the board on these, but $450ish without a scope seems to be average. Adding a scope and shipping...)

AR stuff I'm specifically looking for is a 12" handguard - either an Rainier or Samson Evolution, or a Troy Alpha - and a MAGS EFX stock kit.

Optics that'll grab me are decent quality 10x, and decent 3-9x.


Anonymous said...


I'll take that .30-30. Get a hold of me.


ZerCool said...

Spear, you've got mail.