Jan 28, 2013

What's coming?

I don't think even The Shadow knows this time.

I'm not quite pulling an ostrich act, but I've cut way back on my news consumption and I'm tending to stay away from the forums where Reynolds Wrap is trading high.

That said ... I'm scared. Not of moving, or selling the house - those make me a little nervous, but I think they'll be good in the long run. No, this is a more instinctual fear.

States are telling the federal government to pound sand. Bills have been introduced (and passed?) that will imprison federal officers trying to enforce federal laws. Sheriff's Associations - at the state level - have issued statements that they will not enforce some laws.

The last time the states went toe-to-toe with with  federal government, we ended up with a new lexicon. See if you recognize any of these:
- Fort Sumter
- First Manassas
- Fredericktown
- Round Mountain
- Fort Henry
- Yorktown
- New Orleans
- Williamsburg
- Baton Rouge
- Second Manassas
- Antietam
- Harpurs Ferry
- Winchester
- Chancellorsville
- Gettysburg
- Chickamauga

I suspect at least of those ring bells. If not, here.

I hope - pray - that a 2nd American Civil War is not in the offing. The toll in lives would be staggering.

Keep your powder dry, friends - and remind your representatives that they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, not a party line.

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Concur and a damn good point!