Apr 11, 2013

Road Notes

This has been yet another long and exhausting trip. I'm hoping it's fruitful.

One-way it's about 1100 miles from home to my hotel here in MO. I left the house at 7:30 Tuesday morning, made a stop in town for a few road snacks, and headed west. I hit pediem's AO around 1pm, we had lunch, and I was back on the road by 2:45ish.

I hit my crash space just west of Indy around 7:30 Tuesday night, and was sociable for a few hours before going to bed around 11 or 11:30.

Wednesday morning I hit the road again around 8:30 feeling moderately so-so, and made my hotel just east of KC around 3 central time... after driving from STL all the way across MO in the rain.

If you're doing the math, I'll save you the time: just about 18 hours of driving time.

I had dinner with my brother in law and his fiancée, and crashed. And slept poorly.

And got up this morning and spent most of four hours in a comm center getting a quick orientation and overview.

I went back to my hotel and tried to relax for an hour with no luck.

I headed southeast and met BiL for lunch, then went off to an interview-by-committee.

I have no idea how it really went. I feel like I bombed. I caught myself rambling a couple times. I couldn't string thoughts together. I know I got a few honest chuckles from the committee, which I think is good. ("Where do you see yourself in three to five years?" [I look at the director.] "When are you planning to retire?")

I grabbed a 12-pack of Shiner for a friend on my way back to the hotel. I'm trying to unwind now; I'm planning on an earlyish dinner and bedtime and hopefully some better sleep. Tomorrow is a long day - I'm making the full shot back to pediem's place to crash for the night before the last leg home on Saturday morning.

I really don't know what comes next - I guess I'll wait and see.

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