May 2, 2013

I spent most of last week on the road for BabyBro's wedding. MrsZ and I got to meet Brigid and Barkley on the trip out, and another evening with the always-gracious pediem and ThotPD on the way home.

Aside from that, it was a LOT of seat time. Near-on 2,700 miles in five and a half days of driving. The rental - a Nissan Altima S - racked up a very impressive 36mpg average for the trip (and I'm not known for a light touch on the go-fast). It wasn't *quite* as comfortable as the Toyota Camry from the first run west, but it was decent.

The interview seemed to go well; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for further news on that soon.

If this move actually happens, I'm beginning to think I will thin the safe out a bit more than I otherwise might. Very little in there is truly irreplaceable, and I'm not keen on the idea of moving *mumble* guns 1,200 miles and into an apartment.


Home on the Range said...

It was so very good to get to meet you in person and not just through emails. You and your lovely wife are welcome at the Range any time at all.

(And thanks for the fresh eggs, those were a treat!)

Bob S. said...

Public Service Announcement:

I'm Bob S. and I run the 3 Boxes of BS Home for Unloved, Under-appreciated, Unused, and Wayward Firearms.

I'm a not-profit organization( I have only spent money, not made it)that promises to take firearm out to the range more often then their previous owners did. I have access to a 104 acre private gun club where neglected firearm can feel cherished and appreciated.

Just throwing this out there, you know, just in case :)

pediem said...

Anyone who shows up with fresh eggs, bourbon, and beer in his (and this time, her too!) arms is always welcome!