Aug 25, 2013

Best-laid plans...

... gone awry.

I have company for the weekend, so fate decided to give me a swift kick in the pants and I got mandated for overtime today.

There's a thousand-table gun show going on this weekend. I elected to skip it yesterday, since I was dog-tired and we weren't feeling motivated to do a whole lot. I had debated checking it out today. Ah well. Not to be. It runs again in October; I will probably try to check it out then.

The intended range trip for today has also been cancelled. We may try to do that tomorrow instead.

We DO have reservations for dinner tomorrow evening at Em Chamas. I intend to eat myself stupid on grilled meats.

I flipped a few things (see previous post, most of that is still around if anyone is interested) and have a new boomstick on the way. Stay tuned for that. I am considering trying CeraKote on this one.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Cerakote works well, and sorry to hear the plans went South...