Aug 20, 2013

Gun-safe shuffle

I've shuffled around the order of things in the safe. I keep a rifle at the very front, with a full mag or two sitting on top of the safe.

I just changed that rifle from a 5.56 AR to the M&P15-22.

Let the flaming begin.


Keads said...

No flaming! I understand the scarcity of real estate in the safe! Sometimes the preferred goto has to be moved to accommodate other "stuff". Or maybe its not the goto anymore.

Bob S. said...

Will the .22 be used for home defense?
Or just the first gun out of the safe when going to the range?

ZerCool said...

Bob: that was the implication, yes. There's pistols with mags readily available too, but the .22 is easy to grab.

Bubblehead Les. said...

YOU have .22LR?

Must be nice... ; )

Chris said...