Oct 20, 2013

Callsign assigned

I got my callsign assigned.

No, I won't post it here. It's been put on the book of face, if you know me there - or you can send me an email and ask.


I've CQ'd a local 2m repeater a few times with no answers. I need to find a power supply and set up my second mobile in the house, then see about jumping in one of the nets in the near future. The next two weeks are a bit nuts, so it may not happen right away... but I'll get there.

I also ordered the programming cable for the mobile in the truck - no more entering letters with the knob; just set it up on the laptop and zap the radio. I'm sure that will help, as I only have two of the local repeaters in; there are closer to a hundred to get set up.


Old NFO said...

Congrats and one step at a time!

Carteach said...

Now.... construct your own antennas using coat hangers and wire.... you can do it!

I once got a 30 mile 2 meter contact from my back deck, with a handheld, holding my coat hanger antenna up by hand.