Oct 20, 2013

Wandered by the ammo rack at the Walmart in the next town this morning.

They had everything in stock... except .22LR.

The racks were loaded full; including bulk packs and ammo cans of 5.56. Good brass stuff is down to $0.35-40/rd again, if you buy bulk.

Now, if some .22LR would show, I'd be thrilled.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Must be a Regional thing. Gander Mountain is having a sale on Federal Champion 40 grain Solids for $1.99 a box of 50 this week east of Cleveland, and Tam says she found a lot of .22lr at the Indy 1500 Show yesterday.

Although a friend of mine who works for Wally World said that Corporate had a policy that they would only pay so much per box of Ammo, and the reason the shelves were empty was that they refused to buy it during the Drought because the Manufacturers weren't selling at the agreed-upon pricing in the original contract. Could be true.