Dec 3, 2013

Holy crap, Home Depot!

The duplex we're living in out here has laundry hookups, but not appliances. I've been going to the laundromat and dumping quarters weekly since I got out here. For me alone, that's ten bucks a week on laundry without doing towels and sheets. Add another six to ten bucks when I need to do those. It adds up in a hurry. With MrsZ planning to move out here in the near future, that would probably double laundry costs to "lots".

We'd talked about just buying a low-end basic washer and dryer to get us by until we get a house out here, but decided that didn't make a lot of sense. Instead we decided to take advantage of holiday sales and order a middle-of-the-road washer and dryer.

I went to Home Depot last week after getting out of work. Appliances was deserted. Aisles nearby were deserted. I went to the service desk and asked them to find me someone. It took nearly ten minutes and several phone calls just to find someone who could order a washer for me, but it finally got done.

The washer has been picked up and installed - given the insane work hours I've been pulling I didn't want to arrange a delivery time.

We decided to order a dryer as well, and I started on that yesterday. First I went to the HD web site, and ordered it there. I got an email shortly thereafter saying my order had been cancelled because of credit card issues (billing address). Fine. I was on my way to the store anyway to pick up the washer, so I ordered the dryer while I was there.

This morning, I got another email saying my order had been reinstated. So now I have two dryers on the way. *facepalm*

I called their customer service number and explained the situation, and the nice lady I spoke to went ahead and cancelled the online order... and the in-store order. *double facepalm* Eventually she got that turned back around, and claims to have ONE dryer on order for delivery as originally scheduled. I'm fully expecting the truck to show up with two dryers.

We'll be watching the credit card carefully, and I'll be contacting corporate customer service shortly to explain why they have lost a customer forever. I'll be driving past TWO Home Depot stores to reach the nearest Lowes, and will happily do so.

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Old NFO said...

Ah yes... FUN times when you move... Hang in there!!!