Dec 2, 2013

Silver once more...

I know I'm harping on this, but if you are following the economy at all, you know things are rapidly circling the drain. Silver is a relatively solid hedge item and is physical. No ones and zeroes in a bank computer. Cold hard metal.

It's "cyber Monday" and much as I hate that term there are some deals to be had. 

(A company I refuse to patronize any longer) is running a $0.59 over spot sale on select items. The OPM rounds are a solid bet, and the St. Gauden's round has beautiful. 

Silvertowne has some deals but it's mostly on graded stuff - not bullion but collectibles. 

Spot is still hovering under $20/oz. If you want to buy, it's a good time IMHO. 


Wally said...

Ok, you got me... I placed an order from Provident.

And BTW, Provident is having a free shipping special - adding a 2012 Canadian 1oz silver maple leaf for ~$24 gets free shipping on the entire order.

ZerCool said...

And of course, since you posted that comment, spot has dropped another $0.50 ... *sigh* Lesson 1: dont' try to time the market, especially if your purchase is a hedge. Look at the long game. :-)

Brigid said...

Off topic, but I do hope you had a good holiday, and get to spend some more quality time with your bride soon.