Feb 11, 2014

Silver trinket

I've been playing around with a few ideas of silver that can be handed to a friend, or a waitperson, or put in a stocking, etc. An acquaintance makes "dime cards" that have a 90% dime sandwiched in, and I liked the idea but didn't want to use dimes... or at least not exclusively dimes. Thus, this has been created:

The QR code simply goes to the Kitco spot price chart.

These were zipped out on our inkjet printer and I'm not entirely thrilled with the resolution/pixelation. Some tweaking needed, and maybe printing on a color laser setup.

That said, I'd like to sell the first few if anyone is interested. I've got supplies for four, I'm keeping at least one, and then ... buying more silver to put in cards. I vaguely intend to try 1g and 1/10oz rounds or bars as well.

The three that are available ... I'd like $10/ea for them, mailed in the US. That basically covers the silver and laminating sleeves and postage. Yes, they're a little rough. But you get the privilege of saying "these are the first!" And I'll do something nice for you in the future.

Drop me a note if you're interested.


Old NFO said...

Those look good Zer! Congrats on turning an idea into reality!!!

mhaithaca said...

You'd probably get very good results by doing a photo print at the nearby drug store. Rite Aid has top-notch, inexpensive, fast photo printing right in the store, and no doubt there are a few such near you. If you were doing a large run, moo.com would be a good choice.