Feb 28, 2014

Taxes: done

I have done my own taxes as long as I've been paying them. Ten or twelve years of that was using TurboTax with good results. 

This year I started punching data into it and it choked. New York wouldn't finish without Missouri data and vice-versa. After a couple hours of swearing at it I closed the windows and went to bed. The next morning I called the accountant a coworker had recommended. 

We had our appointment this morning. We had all the paperwork she needed, she found a deduction I hadn't known about, and in 45 minutes all our taxes were done and e-filed. Cost was about fifty bucks more than TT would have run and worth every penny.

Sizable refund from Feds, small from MO, and we owe NY a couple bills. Not bad overall. And it's done. 

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Old NFO said...

Reminds me, I need to jump on mine... sigh