Jun 17, 2014

Stove initial impression

I finally got a can of Iso-Pro fuel for my new stove and had a chance to run it. First impression: Not bad at all. I filled the pot about 2/3 full (650mL or so according to the writing on the side of the pot) and set it on the stove on high-ish. Time to boil, uncovered, was under 3 minutes.

The flame seems ... touchy. The longer the stove runs the lower the flame gets - which isn't terribly surprising given the adiabatic properties involved - but it IS noticeable. People have mentioned in other reviews that this isn't a "simmer" stove, and I believe it. That said ... most of my cooking is going to be "make water hot, add to dry food", so simmer isn't needed.

The stove tucks in to the bottom of the fuel can. The fuel can slides in the pot set. The pot set has a snug-fitting stuff sack. The whole thing is about as big as a one-pound coffee can and weighs roughly as much. Very slick. Photos at a later date.


Old NFO said...

What no coffee??? :-)

ZerCool said...

NFO: I hesitate to admit it, but I'm planning to just take some of the coffee "tea bags" on the trip. I need one or two cups a day, and a half-dozen of those is a lot easier to carry than a percolator or press. I love a good cuppa, but when you're out in the woods ... any cuppa is a good cuppa. :-)