Jun 12, 2014

When the load looks too heavy...

I won't lie. I've had more than a few "poor me" moments in the last month. Moving halfway across the country and finding out eleven months later that your job is going away can lead to such things. Some days are bad, some days are good.

And then something comes along and makes me say, "Self, it could always be a LOT worse."

Erik and Sabra (neither of whom I particularly know, but have had passing conversations on the book of face via Kelly) are being tested. In a big way. She's pregnant with a child who won't survive. Their landlord is giving them the boot. The car has crapped out.

They are blogging part of it here. I've excerpted a very small portion of the introductory post:

We got there early and I did a check-in on Facebook. I was so, so excited and happy about this.
And she quit talking. And then she excused herself and brought in another tech to repeat the scan.

And then it went to hell. [...]

That might be the last picture I get of my baby. Of course I want it.
If that doesn't break your heart...

There is a fundraiser started. The goal is entirely manageable. The gun community is one of the most generous I have ever been involved with. If you don't mind making your coffee at home for a week, can you toss a sawbuck their way?

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Old NFO said...

I chipped in, and that IS truly heartbreaking... God be with them...