Jun 17, 2009

Search term round-up II

Here we go with another set of terms...

gunporn pretty pretty please blogspot

You want gunporn? I'd strongly suggest swinging over to either of the following:
Oleg Volk
Cosmoline & Rust
There are plenty of folks with some beautiful hardware out there.

filling in roll marks on a pistol

On a pistol? Why would you fill in rollmarks on a pistol? I filled the rollmarks on my AR lowers as a matter of personal preference. Not terribly difficult - use paint thinner or acetone to make sure ALL the grease and oil is removed, then thin out some model enamel (I used Testors). Use a toothpick to put a TINY bit in the roll mark - it'll fill mostly by capillary action. Let it dry some, then use a q-tip and some thinner to clean off any overflow.

panem et circenses wikipedia

Wikipedia this ain't. Panem et circenses is latin for "bread and circuses". It is nearly an epithet, referring to the practice of politics wherein handouts and media shows are of greater concern to the populace than, you know, "issues". I think this is what you were looking for.

crossman 2100 remove front sight

If I remember right, Crosman uses a sleeved barrel design; there is a thin aluminum barrel floating inside a blued steel pipe, in order to reduce production costs. Also going from vague memory here, the front sight blade and muzzle crown are one piece, held in with one screw through the rear of the blade. It's not meant to be removed.

for sale/smith-wesson performance center model 647

There were two variants of the 647 produced, the "no dash" and the "dash one". The no-dash is the original version; it's an 8-3/8" K-frame round butt 6-shot DA/SA .17HMR revolver in stainless. The -1 is a product of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, renowned for semi-custom and tricked out handguns. The 647-1 was a fluted 12" barrel with a bi-pod and (I believe) a scope rail. It's a target and bench shooting gun; certainly not practical for woods carry. *If* you can find one, expect prices well into 4 figures.

BTW, I see you've searched for this several times and clicked here several times. My 647 isn't for sale. Ever.

plumbum cmp

Plumbum is latin for "lead". It's a soft, silver-gray metal, and very dense. In addition, it has a low melting point, making it an excellent candidate for molding and casting. It can be alloyed with several other metals (most commonly tin or antimony) to adjust the hardness to a desired level. Pistol shooters, some rifle shooters, and most blackpowder shooters use a lot of lead.

The CMP is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It allows civilians to purchase surplus retired military rifles for a very good price in the hopes of fostering riflery skills in our unorganized militia. Best known for the M1 Garands that they carry, there are also often M1 Carbines and sometimes various training .22s, as well as 1903 and 1917 Springfields. They require membership in a shooting organization and demonstration of participation in marksmanship activities. My personal recommendation is a membership in the RWVA and attending an Appleseed shoot. If you're going to buy the rifle, you might as well learn how to shoot it, right?

That's it for this edition... keep coming up with those goofy searches, and I'll keep making light of them!

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