Sep 28, 2009

Rural Living

If you read Marko's blog, you already know about the dog-raccoon pit match he refereed this morning. If you don't, you should go read.

It brought to mind something from last week:
MrsZ and I were at home one evening doing our respective things around the house; I was upstairs reading, she was downstairs working on something. I heard her call for me, and I finished the paragraph I was on. She called again, and I answered her ... she said, "There's something at the front door". Not someone, something.

Being the master of witty repartee that I am, I replied, "Huh?"

"Something is scratching at the front door."

I looked out the side and front upstairs windows and couldn't see anything, so I headed downstairs. I got down the stairs as MrsZ opened the front door - and our stupid cat bolted back into the house from where he'd been sandwiched between the front door and storm door.

The two-second thought process as I headed down the stairs, though, was simple:
Gun? Yes.
It's scratching, probably small something.
.45? Next to bed, overkill.
Shotgun? Locked up, no shells handy.
.22? Downstairs in case, magazine nearby. First round is a short, though - remember to drop it...

So, the .22 was the go-to choice for that particular situation.

After the cat stopped glaring at us, MrsZ asked me, "You were thinking about a gun, weren't you?"

Duh. There is almost always a firearm of SOME type within a couple seconds of me. This time I had the luxury of figuring out which would be most appropriate to the circumstance.

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Bob S. said...

I'll disagree. I think you were considering safety and how best to maintain it.

The tool used to insure safety was the firearm, but the thought was to keep the Mrs and you safe.

Just my opinion of course, but a thought process I've been through also.

I'm lucky, my wife recognizes what I'm trying to do and assists me in keeping our family safe.

A couple of months back, she got up to walk the dogs and saw a young male dressed in baggy clothing walking down the street at 4:30 a.m.

She returned to the house, got me and made sure I was armed before we went back to check it out.

Just someone heading back to the apartments down the street, but she realized it was her safety that was the concern.

I say good on you for considering how to keep everyone safe