Oct 18, 2009

Lucky Day

My fire department did a "Sportsman's Raffle" this month. Nine of the ten prizes were guns and the tenth was a fishing setup. I sold a fair number of tickets and bought a few more of my own.

Today was the drawing.

I won a Mossberg 500 Combo. I chose to take it in 20ga.

Why 20ga? Isn't that a woman's round?

Hell no. A nice 20ga shotgun is a joy to shoot; they tend to carry 60-75% of the payload (and energy) of a 12ga with about half the perceived recoil. And this one apparently has ported barrels for even less muzzle flip. It may become a truck gun, it may become my backup deer gun, or it may go to the trap range with me every now and then - but a good 20ga can do 80% of anything a 12ga can do - and I've already got a 12ga.

A 12ga really shines with steel loads, where larger cartridges mean carrying a reasonable load of the less-dense material.

I expect pictures will be forthcoming whenever the gun arrives and I pick it up... and then as I consider the various options and mods that I know will happen.


doubletrouble said...

Lucky call for you Zerc!

I've got 12s, but I usually defer to 20s.

Going pheasant hunting in PA later this week & the 20 will be along...


Bob S. said...


I'm looking into a set up like that for home defense.

Want something that the wife, daughter and I will all be able to control and manage.

Lucky you