Jul 18, 2010

Info bleg, tease

Stay tuned to this page for some gun porn. Late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Oh yes, there will be guns...

Which brings me to the bleg. While taking pictures, I noticed that the grip screw on my 642 (stock rubber grips) is developing a nasty case of rust on the head. (Something about being carried IWB daily for the last eight months, I reckon.) Anyone know of a source for a stainless replacement?


doubletrouble said...

Don't know the thread pitch, but if it's not too obscure (which is typical for gunnie stuff), you might find it at a good hardware store. Bring the screw in question, & they can check the length & pitch & sell you one in SS. You might end up w/a hex head vs. a slot-type, but there you go.

Otherwise, Brownell's.

ZerCool said...

DT, I hadn't even considered trying the hardware store. Sheesh. Why try the obvious?!?

Brownell's appears to be a strikeout, as do Midway and Numrich.

Lowe's it is!

(It's already a hex screw, for whatever reason.)

Jay G said...

Or for $15 at Midway you could order some Hogue Bantam Monogrips that don't require screws...

Just a thought.

ZerCool said...

Not a bad thought at all, Jay. But. :-)

The stock grips on the 642 fit my hand better and more naturally than any other handgun I have ever tried. I'm not willing to change that!