Nov 5, 2010

Back in touch

It was an interesting few days of training. I'm back and re-connected to the world. If there's anything I've missed in the past few days ... well, I missed it. Unless it was world-changing news, I likely don't really care that much.

I did vote. Results were roughly what I expected locally; nationally things went reasonably well. Any thoughts or commentary I may have provided has been said in numerous places and multiple ways already.

I will add this one bit: now is not the time to rest on our laurels. The American people have become much more attuned to and involved with the political process, and that should be encouraged.

I am working beaucoup overtime this week and next; then hunting season really begins in earnest. I have not been out hunting during bow season aside from one afternoon - I don't *object* to it but I much prefer gun-hunting, and right now sleep has been a priority.

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