Apr 30, 2011

Barn, foundation

I finally got all the footers dug, set, and leveled - half-tabs of asphalt shingles are just the right size to make shims for 8x16 concrete blocks. Sixteen footers, roughly 3'6" spacing - I eyeballed them, as these don't have to be exact (they'll be well inside the outer edges of the barn on three sides; the fourth side I was careful about).


Once the footers were set, I laid out the skids and tacked them together. Sadly, a framing nailer is NOT easy to use with the framing plates - it's just too tough to line up the nail and the hole. After jamming my nailer more than once, I went back to good old-fashioned hammering and had the job done in no time. The far area - the 12x4' open area - will be the goats' stall, with a bare-dirt floor. The near area, with the 8' 4x4 skids, will be floored, and one third will become a chicken coop, while the remaining two thirds will be storage and work space for MrsZ's hobbies.


Next step: joists, then flooring and walls!

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